Into the Depth Retreat – Freediving, yoga and mindfulness

Embark on a journey of self discovery in this unique Sinai retreat that includes Freediving, Yoga and mindfulness activities.

Into the Depth Retreat – Combining water and land, freediving and mindfulness!

Join a 4-day transformational retreat and dive into the depth of your inner self on a one of a kind retreat in Sinai. The “Into the depth” retreat, guided by Efrat Siso and Sagi David Kabra, was developed to rejuvenate yourself, to take a break from daily life and enjoy a special desert adventure. In the program you will get to practice Yoga and medication, you will work on your breathing techniques and hear inspiring talks about mindfulness. 

The highlight of the retreat is undoubtedly the freediving in the Blue Hole natural reserve. You will get to utilise the principles you will learn about breathing, relaxation, balancing stress and personal well-being to become a better diver. Whether you are already an experienced diver or trying for the first time, this retreat is equally for you.

Into the depth Retreat Sinai
Into the depth Retreat Sinai

Why should you join and book “Into the Depth” retreat?

The combination of mindfulness and freediving is perfect for self-growth. When we dive, we encounter the water directly, free from any equipment and special tools. The ability to free dive exists within us since the day we are born, our body is fully prepared for it, yet only a few of us actually try it. It’s there, underwater, that we find ourselves in real silence. That’s also where we truly meet ourselves and depend completely on our abilities, connecting to our body on a profound and deeper level. 

What’s required from us to complete a successful free-dive is self listening and acceptance. We need to utilise our ability of being fully present and in tune with our feelings, emotions and thoughts. Through this retreat, you will discover how practising mindfulness and yoga can enable us to break through our mental barriers and automatic habits both in the sea and on land. 

Into the depth Retreat in Sinai
Into the depth Retreat in Sinai

You can find more information about this specific retreat (in Hebrew though) by clicking HERE!

About your instructors:

Efrat Siso

A sea and water lover since she can remember. She is both a disciple and a teacher of Yoga and meditation for over a decade. She also offers courses and workshops in mindfulness and offers yoga as therapy. She discovered freediving about 4 years ago and fell deeply in love. The incredible feeling of unrestricted encounter with the deep blue water and the intense level of true presence made her want to share it with others and explore this world even further.

Sagi David Kabra –

The discovery of the freediving sport happened by coincidence during a trip in the East over 9 years ago. Since that day, Sagi lives and breathes freediving, even when he isn’t in the water. He has guided and trained hundreds of freed divers both in Israel and worldwide. He even participated in the Israeli championship in 2019 and other international competitions. Nowadays he participates as an official (referee) and continues offering lessons in Israel and Sinai.

How does it work:

There are two options for you to book this unique mindfulness retreat in Sinai:

  • Book a private retreat for your family, friends or private group:

This entire retreat can be produced just for your group. Simply fill the inquiry form and we will get back to you with all the details or refer you to the organisers. The retreat includes a program that lasts four days and involves exercises and activities on land and in the sea.

  • Join us on one of the dates we have available:

Every year there are several dates available for these retreats for individuals to join. Normally it takes place in Hebrew but upon demand it can also take place in English. Simply join by yourself or with a partner/friend and meet many other unique individuals there. The atmosphere is always friendly, open and supportive so you will feel welcomed and accepted.

All you need to do is fill the inquiry form to get in touch with us and we will send you more information about the available dates.