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Retreats in Sinai

“Sometimes I find myself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere I find myself”.

Sinai is the perfect place for a retreat. The magical, golden desert beautifully merges with the calm blue water of the sea. It’s here that you can find true peace and tranquillity.

Book a retreat to take a break from your busy life, to connect, reflect and recharge. Some of these retreats are produce partly by us and other retreats are offered by our friends and partners whom we recommend.

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Recommended Tours and Experiences in Sinai

Are you looking to enrich your vacation in Sinai? Have you booked a retreat and want to add more fun desert and sea activities?

We have gathered some unique and exciting tours and experiences for you in Sinai. These experiences are perfect for individuals, couples, families or larger groups. Whether you want to uncover the secrets of Sinai’s desert, meet local bedouins or dive and sail in the beautiful waters of the red sea, you will find it all here!

Recommended trips and excursions in Sinai and Sharm El-Sheikh

Want to go beyond Casablanca beach to explore the rest of Sinai? Want to visit beautiful small towns, natural reserves or even venture all the way to Egypt? 

We’ve gathered some exciting day trips that will surely elevate your vacation in Sinai. Simply choose the excursion that fits your interests and schedule, click on the link and book a fun day trip in Sinai.

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